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Our Values, Our Commitment

One of our key goals at Suits and Boots is to make the end-to-end recruitment process seamless and stress free for all parties.

We have carefully created our own company values, that we apply to our recruitment process and ethos.

Service: If you look at the companies you return to time and time again (retailers, restaurants, apps), one of the main reasons is due to their service. What is Service? Service can be quite a broad term, but for us it means our culture, our personal interaction with our clients, our delivery and aftercare. As a client you want to interact with company who genuinely cares about your needs, and makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world, who can deliver without fuss or stress and who continues to build a relationship with you once the service has been delivered. We promise to always treat our clients fairly, considerately and to ensure that they feel looked after with their needs first. Aftercare is also an extremely important role for us, which is where many companies forget to put their energy. Our aftercare makes sure you continue to be looked after in your role, and know we are here if you wish to change role or seek new opportunities. We will always have your best interests, and will be on hand for advice or consultation. Once we establish contact with our clients, they automatically become part of the Suits and Boots family.

Understanding: Recruitment sometimes has the misconception of a sales role. However, it is so much more than that. At Suits and Boots some of our staff have been on the tools, and therefore have a unique understanding of the construction and rail industry from both sides. We pride ourselves with training our staff to understand the legislation, qualifications and market trends of our specialist sector which helps build a common ground with our clients. When searching for a new role, you want to be able to really feel your recruiter understands your key strengths and your career vision. With our expert knowledge of the market and jobs we advertise, we successfully match the right candidates to the roles, and ensure both clients get the best experience. Construction and rail are both fast paced, competitive environments, and we ensure we get the best out of our clients in terms of talent spotting, and total reward packages.

Integrity: One of the key values for us is our integrity. Our integrity creates a positive workforce, reliability and respect. From an ethical culture point of view, we are committed in working responsibly with honesty and discipline to our fellow colleagues and our clients. Creating a work culture where this reflects in our service to our clients remains our priority, and we work hard in ensuring that we demonstrate moral and ethical principals in and out of the workplace.

Trust: When dealing with any company, it honours a level of trust between the client and the company. Trust increases efficiency and builds collaboration. It helps communication channels and decreases stress levels in the working environment. The service we provide allows us to take on all the intricacy of sourcing candidates or advertising for a job, and we will guarantee the journey will be as stress free and seamless as possible. We have repeat clients using us time and time again, because we make the journey smooth with no hassle. It has always been our aim to ensure we make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, whilst maintaining discretion and sensitivity. We thank all our clients, old and new for trusting us with their recruitment process.

Success: Success isn’t just about the wins, to us it’s about our client satisfaction. At Suits and Boots we like to celebrate success, as its great for morale, builds trust and stronger relationships with our client base. We pride ourselves on our continued success which is apparent in our client base returning to us time and time again. How do we ensure success? It is delivered with listening to our client’s needs, careful planning and goal setting, anticipating every eventuality, communicating at every stage and applying our expertise to ensure the best outcome.

As a summary, you are valued, you are important, you are SUITED to us, and we are here for you at every step of your career.

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